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May 31, 2012   Alan Dupont

Assessing National Security Risk in a Complex, Int ...

Assessing national security risk is a complex and demanding task in an era of protean security challenges and multiple, interconnected threats. In this paper I argue that a ...

May 31, 2012   Ken Jimbo

Japan’s National Defense Planning for a New Secu ...

The National Defense Program Guideline (hereafter NDPG), the primary document in Japan’s defense policy, determines the basic guidelines for the defense force planning, roles and operations of the Self Defense Force (SDF), and the target levels of ...

May 31, 2012   Jean-Pierre Cabestan

Taiwan’s Strategic Goals and Action Plan

Taiwan’s national security environment is both a simple and complex one. It is simple because the only country and military power that can really threaten Taiwan’s security and survival is the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Consequently, wha ...

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